About me

Hey, I’m Julian. I am a web developer and my hobby is flying the drone and making videos and photos. I love to edit these videos and photos and post them on Youtube and Instagram.

The drone which I use to make these videos and photos is a Mavic Mini. A small, but nice drone with a nice quality camera that makes movies in 2K. A handy drone to easily take with you. With the drone I will look for beautiful locations in the Netherlands (and abroad). When the weather is nice, I send them into the air to take beautiful photos and videos. 

I will edit the videos that I have made, I will make a video of it and place it on my Youtube page. I also edit the photos and post them on my Instagram account. On my Flying Guy Juul Instagram page and website I post the photos and videos that I have edited. Follow me here for the best images.

Besides Flying Guy Juul I have my own company called: Studio Juul. With this company I make various video productions such as: corporate films, registration of weddings and events and from the air with the drone.

Would you like to know more or contact me? This can be done via Instagram or via the contact page.